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Disney Melee Mania

Disney Melee Mania is a new 3v3 brawler coming to Apple Arcade

It's said to feature 12 iconic Disney characters.

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It feels like everyone is trying to jump in and score big in the mobile gaming space right now. Disney has revealed that it will be soon releasing a new 3v3 brawler on Apple Arcade that features some of its most iconic characters. The roster of 12 heroes includes Buzz Lightyear, Elsa, and Mickey, and these can be customised using a range of cosmetic items.

Disney Melee Mania is said to feature rapid five-minute matches that take place within cramped closed-quarter arenas. Its App Store description notes that it contains multiple game modes and daily challenges, which will reward players with one-off prizes.

You can take a look at the full roster of characters below:

Disney Melee Mania

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