Disney+ is bringing ad-supported tier to UK and Europe in November

More tiers and more price points to navigate.

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Disney has announced that it is finally bringing the ad-supported tier of Disney+ to the UK and European market. Set to debut in November, the plan will start at £4.99/€5.99 and will be available as soon as November 1.

The press release that announces the arrival of the plan does also reveal that come December, Disney+ will be offering an array of new tiers for subscribers across Europe, and that unless subscribers choose to switch to a lower-priced model, the price of the Premium tier with no ads will also be increasing come December.

As for what this truly means, the current available subscription will be changed into this more costly Premium tier, but if you're not looking to put more pennies in Bob Iger's and Disney's pockets, there will be a new option known as Standard that will sit at the currently available price point for the service. To be on this subscription, you will need to adjust your subscription tier come December, else Disney will assume you want to pay them more.

Essentially, here's how Disney+ will be priced in the UK:

  • Standard With Ads - £4.99

  • Standard Without Ads - £7.99 (the current price of the service)

  • Premium - £10.99

Disney+ is bringing ad-supported tier to UK and Europe in November

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