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Disney has lost almost 50% stock value in the past year

Shares now cost $94 compared to $177 last year.

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Many of us have been let down by Disney's treatment of its long-time fans and brands in recent years, and with several expensive flops behind it and shrinking ratings on its streaming service, it's clearly starting to be felt in shareholders' portfolios. Over the past 12 months, the company has lost almost fifty percent of its market value, with a Disney share now costing $94 compared to $177 just under a year ago. A huge difference to say the least, and the question now is how shareholders will respond to this monumental drop in value.

Their latest film Lightyear is doing incredibly poorly, and the situation has not been helped by Chris Evans calling the film's critics idiots. Similarly, the latest Marvel TV series Ms. Marvel has been honoured with the lowest ratings yet on Disney+ with just under 775,000 viewers in the first five days. Many fans blame the downward trends on weird decisions regarding Star Wars and Marvel, and others complaining the Disney+ shows feels too political, resulting in them turning their backs on the company.

Obviously there are more reasons than the above for the decline in share value but the trend has been clear for a long time, the question now is just how much shareholders are actually willing to put up with before they demand change.

What do you think of Disney's situation today?

Disney has lost almost 50% stock value in the past year

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