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Disney and Apple (also) stop advertising on X

As have a plethora of other companies.

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Recently it was confirmed that IBM has stopped advertising on X (formerly Twitter) due to the amount of anti-Semitic content on the site. Now, according to CNBC, Apple, Disney, Lionsgate, The New York Times, Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount Global have also followed IBM's lead and removed their adverts from X. Why? We don't know why. Apple and Disney chose not to comment on their decision:

"Axios reported that Apple opted to "pause" all advertising on the platform, though it's not clear whether the decision was driven by Musk's tweet, Media Matters' report or both."

Considering that big companies are now removing their ads, revenue for X will decrease. Musk alarmingly said earlier this year that revenue for the site was below 50%. Many perceive him as driving the problems with the hate speech on the site, which has led to demands for a boycott from various groups in society.

What do you think about the future of X as a social medium?

Disney and Apple (also) stop advertising on X

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