Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2's Art Director wouldn't change a single thing

Sebastien Mitton is satisfied with his work,

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Dishonored 2 is loose and Art Director Sebastien Mitton recently spoke about the design of the game, revealing that he wouldn't change a single thing about the finished product.

"We now have our own shaders where you can have light going through skin - sub-surface scattering. So if you have characters that go between you and the light source, you can see the red aspect of the hands and the ears," he said when talking about the new hardware.

"It feels more realistic. It's not photorealistic; it's just that the hair shaders are cool. Same if you have light, it explodes in the air. We have a clothes system. It's not that new for video games, but it's still cool to have movement in the characters."

"I am super satisfied by what we did for Dishonored 2. Some people say about the original game that it's a living painting. It's a success in terms of how do you manage art in a video game. And now that we've raised the bar in every corner - graphics, content, message - I don't feel that I can't be satisfied," he continued. "I'm really satisfied with the result. This is the first time I've reached the point in a project where there is nothing I want to change."

He also said something to get fans very excited for the future: "The next project we will raise the bar again." Who knows what this could be? What would you like it to be?

Dishonored 2

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