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Discussions around Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been "fair and honest" says Phil Spencer

The ongoing deal has been under a lot of scrutiny by market authority bodies across the world.

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While some market authorities from various countries have already approved Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard, others have been less inclined to do so. The UK's CMA body and the US' FTC are two that are still determining the right course of action and whether or not the deal is beneficial for the games industry or not.

Speaking about this process at Wall Street Journal's Tech Live event recently (thanks, VGC), Xbox boss Phil Spencer has voiced his opinions on the matter, and announced that despite the ongoing scrutiny of the deal, the criticisms and concerns have been "fair and honest".

"It might be surprising to people, but I'm not an expert on doing 70 billion dollar deals. But I do know that we're very focused on getting approval in the major jurisdictions, and I'm spending a lot of time in Brussels, London and with the FTC here in the US."

Spencer continued, "I would say the discussions have been very fair and honest. It is a big acquisition, there's no doubt. Microsoft in its role in the tech industry, is a large tech company, and I do think the discussion around an acquisition of this size is warranted, and I've appreciated the time to go spend."

"As for whether Spencer actually believes the deal will get approved, it was also noted, "We're really focused on getting the deal approved in the markets - I'm confident in that. I was just in London last week, continue to have discussions with all the regulatory boards, and remain confident that we'll get the deal approved."

It's said that the FTC will either approve or announce another level of investigation by next week, and as for the CMA, the trade body continues to research and determine the correct course of action.

Discussions around Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been "fair and honest" says Phil Spencer

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