Discord allegedly assigning genders to users using machine learning

Apparently this has been going on since August 2022.

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No matter what you may identify as, it seems Discord is using machine learning to assign you to a gender and age group, and it may have been doing so for quite some time.

As first spotted by Discord Previews over on Twitter, in the files of the Discord data packages, we can see that AI has been used to determine the genders and age groups of some users. Via Dexerto, Discord has since responded to this revelation, saying the following in a statement:

"Like other companies, we use information to help us understand our business and improve the product. That includes certain inferences we may make about users. We include this information in users' data requests for transparency, and users can limit the information we use by toggling the "Use data to improve Discord" off in the Privacy & Safety settings."

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You don't have to reveal your gender when signing up to Discord, but you do need to add a date of birth. However, people can always lie about the latter. Either way, it just goes to show no matter what you do, unless you're in a cabin in the woods someone has your data.

Discord allegedly assigning genders to users using machine learning

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