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Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium TV series in the works

Sonic The Hedgehog producer will help bring ZA/UM's phenomenal RPG Disco Elysium to the small screen.

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We absolutely loved Disco Elysium here at Gamereactor and praised its narrative grandeur in particular in our review (read it here). Now, it seems as though that narrative grandeur is being expanded upon, but not within the realm of games. As reported by Variety, Disco Elysium is getting a series adaptation helmed by developer ZA/UM and its collaboration with Sonic The Hedgehog production company dj2 Entertainment.

The project has no writer as of right now and the platform on which it will land is unknown so it's not exactly far along. However, just knowing it's coming down the line has us excited.

Will you be watching Disco Elysium once it lands in the distant future?

Disco Elysium

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