The Walking Dead

Disc release for The Walking Dead PS4 and Xbox One

Both seasons in one box will be sold at retail. The Wolf Among Us joins the physical launches.

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It was expected, now it's official. The latest of Telltale Games' highly successful digital episodic adventures will get a physical release for the newest consoles, the studio confirmed via an official statement. Thus, Xbox One and PS4 users will be able to visit their local retailer "later this year" and pick up both Season One and Season Two of The Walking Dead in one single disc, or The Wolf Among Us in boxed version. Besides, PS3 and Xbox 360 will get hard copies of The Walking Dead: Season Two (not the compilation) and The Wolf Among Us.

This launch marks another chance for players to enjoy two comic book adaptations praised for their narrative approach and presentation. After this success, Telltale is applying the same style and techniques to other big licensed IPs, such as Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands (but these games are expected to hit new consoles in digital format at launch).

The Walking Dead

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