Dire Wolves acquires Avant Gaming

Two Oceanic powerhouse organisations are joining together.

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The Oceanic esports organisation Dire Wolves has acquired rival Oceanic esports organisation Avant Gaming. The merger will see Avant absorbed into the Dire Wolves brand, and will also see Dire Wolves now enter CS:GO, amid also acquiring several other rosters.

Avant Gaming joins Dire Wolves and brings a decade of experience along with it. With its CS:GO, Valorant and League of Legends teams all joining under this one name, Dire Wolves is set to be the place for the region's top talent.

"AVANT is one of the founding organisations of ANZ esports, and it has an invaluable legacy which we're so proud to be able to carry on as we welcome the team to the Dire Wolves family," said Jason Spiller, owner of Dire Wolves.

Wes Collier, owner of Avant Gaming also commented on the acquisition, saying, "The Dire Wolves and Avant have always shared an amazing rivalry and mutual respect as two of the leading and most storied esports organisations in Oceania, and this coming together heralds the end of an amazing journey for Avant, but a new era for both organisations, and the further establishment of the Dire Wolves as the dominant esports brand in the region."

Dire Wolves acquires Avant Gaming
Dire Wolves

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