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Dignitas says they haven't sold their NA Challenger spot

Dignitas' future in North American League of Legends remains undecided.

Last week, reports emerged that Team Dignitas had sold their League of Legends NA Challenger Series spot to Apex Gaming. The story made sense, given that Dignitas had been relegated from the premier NA League, the League of Legends Championship Series, and had let their roster go.

Speaking to MCV, Dignitas owner Michael "ODEE" O'Dell says that they're still holding on to the challenger spot.

"At the moment it [the LOL team] is kind of up in the air," says ODEE. "We have a Challenger slot at the minute, although apparently I have sold it according to some website, which was interesting to read, but no it's our slot right now."

"We might be doing something special with it, but you have to weigh up how much you are spending on things," says ODEE. "Right now I literally don't know what we are doing with League and we only have like three or four weeks to decide. I have no idea who will be on the team."

ODEE does say that Dignitas wants to be back in the North American LCS at some point.

"I want to be back in LCS and if we go into Challenger and we don't make it this split, it means I can't have an LCS slot until next summer, so that would be even worse than where we are right now," he says. "The LCS is getting very interesting at the moment, it's just annoying that we aren't in it. We will be back at some point."

Photo: Riot Games