Digital spending in video games increased by 12% overall in 2020

A total of $127 billion was spent on games digitally.

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Games.industry.biz has revealed some interesting statistics on digital video game spending in 2020. According to the site, a total of $127 billion was spent digitally on games and this represented a 12% overall increase when compared to the previous year. Of this staggering figure, $73.8 billion was spent on mobile and $98.4 billion was spent on free-to-play games.

The top three premium games for digital spending in the year were Call of Duty Modern Warfare ($1.91 billion), FIFA 21 ($1.08 billion), and Grand Theft Auto V ($911 million). In the case of Grand Theft Auto V this is quite the achievement, as in 2021 the game is celebrating its eight year on the market. There's no surprise then why publisher and developer Rockstar isn't rushing to push out a sequel when it continues to print money.

The top three free-to-play games are Honor of Kings ($2.45 billion), Peacekeeper Elite ($2.32 billion), and Roblox ($2.29 billion).

Digital spending in video games increased by 12% overall in 2020

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