Digital Extremes to show off new Warframe content today

Warframe's upcoming content update The Deadlock Protocol is about to hit PC and developer Digital Extremes is set on showing some gameplay off later today.

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Warframe, the fast-paced action game featuring ancient civilisations, grand sceneries, epic battles and a vast variety of interesting and intricate exo-armour sets called (you guessed it,) Warframes, is getting a new content update shortly and it brings change with it. The Deadlock Protocol is set to, among other things, give the Corpus ship tileset a facelift and it's set to release at some point next week.

Do you wish to join the stream and learn more about what's to come? Make sure to set an alarm for 7 pm BST and join Digital Extremes on Twitch (the stream will also be live on Facebook Live and Mixer).


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