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Digital Extremes shows off new Odalisk Warframe

The game is getting several big changes, all of which were discussed in a recent developer stream.

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Digital Extremes recently hosted a developer stream which had plenty to talk about regarding Warframe, including a closer look at the upcoming Warframe called Odalisk, featuring the work-in-progress illustration below:


Odalisk is a female, tech-based Warframe, and the prototype has been started already, so progress is moving along nicely.

The stream also included word on Archwings, which are getting a total rework, the goal being to move them all into one modular system. The team even talked about future faction characters, weapons, and more.

Digital Extremes had previously hosted player feedback on what they wanted from the game too, and you can see the detailed results right here.

Does Odalisk look cool?


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