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HBO's The Last of Us

Did you spot HBO's The Last of Us mistake in episode 6?

Joel and Ellie aren't as alone as they think.

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Tiny spoiler warning: This article contains an extremely vague spoiler for episode 6 of The Last of Us, so please stop reading here if you're scared of knowing absolutely anything!

I mentioned that I had watched an unpolished version of The Last of Us' first season in my review. This meant that some scenes were missing special effects, had temporary automated dialogue replacements and even some cases of people meant to stay behind the camera appearing in front of it. Guess what, you get a tiny taste of my experience in episode 6.

Just take a closer look at the scene where Joel and Ellie cross the snowy bridge at the 13:10 mark on HBO Max. They are surprisingly calm considering the fact that some shady people are hiding near the trees behind them. That obviously because those strangers are part of the film crew and not meant to be survivors in the show's universe. A kinda funny detail when the rest of the show's cinematography (and most other aspects) are close to flawless.

Have you spotted any other mistakes?

HBO's The Last of Us

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