Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Did Destiny 2's creative director just tease Destiny 3?

We "Hope" so.

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With Destiny 2: The Final Shape making its debut today, many are wondering what will happen to the sci-fi fantasy franchise once this year of content is in the books. Will there be further support or will all eyes switch to Destiny 3? While Bungie has yet to actually talk about this in any sense, the executive creative director on the game has released a very peculiarly worded X post.

Luke Smith flocked to social media to talk about the milestone of The Final Shape and the effort that has gone into it over the past 10 years, and within that post randomly capitalised the word "Hope" three times.

Perhaps this is some kind of teaser for the future of Destiny, or something completely irrelevant. Either way, we know the folk at Bungie love to tease and allude to future content so we wouldn't put this down as something random.

What do you think?

Destiny 2: The Final Shape

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