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Did a FIFA 18 video just leak, or is it fake?

It shows FIFA Street DLC, World Cup 2018 mode, VR compatibility, and Pogba as the main man.

A FIFA 18 video has supposedly leaked online, showing several new features in the game's menu, along with Paul Pogba as the new main man.

The video shows the second season for The Journey (already confirmed by EA Sports), a new "Spin the Wheel" feature for Ultimate Team Mode, and a new VR mode.

More interestingly, it also refers a FIFA Street expansion for FIFA 18, and a World Cup 2018 game mode. Great stuff, but is any of this real?

We are unable to say with certainty, but until some official information appears, we're not buying it. While it looks legit at first glance, there are several details that suggest it's fake. First of all, it's unlikely that there is already a build of the game with all of these options (there are usually replacement options) showing up. Many elements also seem to be copied from FIFA 17, although modified, which may suggest some kind of mod for the PC version of FIFA 17.

And then there's the fact it shows a virtual reality mode for what appears to be the Xbox One version... ah there's not VR device on that console (yet?).

In other words, we are very suspicious with regards to the authenticity of this video, but you can still watch it on YouTube if you want to judge it yourself.


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