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Diablo IV

Diablo IV's first big patch is all about balance adjustments

The game doesn't even fully launch until tomorrow.

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While Diablo IV doesn't properly launch until June 6, players around the world have already been able to explore and spend time in Sanctuary thanks to the Early Access period granted as part of the Ultimate Edition of the game. As tons of players have already been able to dive in, Blizzard now has a ton of extra data and information about the game, and this has allowed the Californian company to create and publish the first major patch for Diablo IV.

Arriving over the weekend, this patch is focussed solely on balance adjustments, and sees every class in the game getting slight changes to their damage numbers, statistics, abilities, and so forth, all in a bid to make the game as fair as possible across the board.

There were also a few general changes to the game made as well, including to monster spawn rates, Glyphs, and Rare Nodes, as well as seeing a few bug fixes sprinkled in to boot.

You can read the latest Diablo IV patch notes here.

Diablo IV

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