Diablo IV

Diablo IV will give you better loot next year

Blizzard has heard your complaints about the loot system, but you'll have to wait a little while to see them fixed.

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Diablo IV is a riot right up until you complete the main story. Then, as your sole objective becomes to grind for the best gear possible, a lot of players found the experience to be lacking somewhat.

Specifically, it didn't feel like the late-game loot was as impressive as it could be. But, in a recent campfire chat, the developers explained that they're looking to change this. "One of the things we want to think about more as we get into 2024 is having items really be a start of a journey," said associate game director Joseph Piepiora. "When something drops for you as a player, you want to be able to get this and say 'This is awesome, I can't wait to do X, Y, and Z to this and make it really really great,'."

Piepiora then goes onto explain that the loot system is going to change to make your items more accessible, rather than you quickly glancing over the stats it gives and either adding it to your build, or leaving it on the ground.

Some changes with items will come along with Season 3 in January, but for most of the major changes we'll be waiting until Season 4, which will launch sometime early next year.

Diablo IV

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