Diablo IV

Diablo IV will feature a shared open world

Blizzard has revealed a few details regarding the multiplayer and various online features of Diablo IV.

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Luís Barriga, Diablo IV's game director, published a new post on Diablo IV's official blog, revealing some of the game's new features. One of the sections is dedicated to the multiplayer component, which will have a shared open-world structure.

Diablo IV will include several cities that can be conquered by the player, and when that happens, they become a hub where you can see other players roaming the streets. Even while exploring the world, you may occasionally encounter other players, but Blizzard has made it clear that it will never be to the point of becoming an MMO - they are meant to be occasional occurrences.

As in previous games, you can find special and random events while exploring the open world, and when that happens, you can receive help from another player without them having to join your group. However, dungeons, bosses, and plot sequences will always be private for the player and his group as Blizzard doesn't want players to get distracted during these moments.

Blizzard also revealed that it wants to present the game's narrative in a more immersive and exciting way, and for that purpose, it has created more complex dialogue options, richer animations, and a zoom-in camera.

If you want to see the full post, with more information, click here.

Diablo IV

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