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Diablo IV

Diablo IV had the biggest beta in Diablo franchise history

That fact that we all died 46,924,644 times didn't make it any less fun.

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We knew the hype for Diablo IV was big, but even with this said, the result is pretty spectacular. As announced on Twitter by the series official account, this was actually "the largest beta in Diablo franchise history".

We also got a handy infographic to go with the announcement, which reveals that Necromancer and Sorcerer were the most played characters, and that Ashava killed players a whopping 10,163,397 times (we do admit an unreasonable large amount of those deaths were our fault). So what about Ashava, wasn't this beast defeated? Yes it was, but only 107,425 times, and for solo players it was "almost 1".

Check it out below. Did you play the beta and what did you think of it? Diablo IV launches on June 6.

Diablo IV

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