Diablo IV

Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 set to launch in 2022 at the earliest

Activision Blizzard doesn't expect two of its most anticipated games to hit this year, but it sounds like Diablo II: Resurrection will be unveiled at BlizzConline in two weeks.

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When Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch's lead designer, gave us his final update of 2020 back in December he said that Overwatch 2 still had "a ways to go" before it would be ready for launch, so it definitely sounded like we wouldn't get it before this summer at least. Now we know that even 2021 is very unlikely.

Because Activision Blizzard obviously knew that its investors wanted to know about two highly anticipated games in the latest earnings call, so the giant company decided to set things straight early by announcing that neither Diablo IV nor Overwatch 2 will launch in 2021.

That doesn't necessarily mean we won't see something great from one of those universes this year, however, as we got the confirmation of another remaster being in the works and that it'll be unveiled soon. With BlizzConline being right around the corner and the rumours about the Diablo II remaster/remake resurfacing I'm willing to bet we're getting a "And one more thing" during the Diablo IV portion of the show in two weeks.

Diablo IV

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