Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal: streamer gets a 5-star gem by spending $16,000, accidentally destroys it, then uninstalls the game

Quin69, a streamer from New Zealand, has been trying to get a 5-star gem since the title launched on the June 2.

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Diablo Immortal has been recently in the spotlight since its launch because of the implementation of microtransactions to obtain high quality equipment in the final stages of the game. Also, we know this situation is making Blizzard gain a lot of controversy from the gaming community as they have rated its last game with the worst score in Metracritic history (even though we do not agree with that based on our review).

Although it is true that the company is still winning financially speaking. As we reported the game has raised more than $24 million in microtransaction purchases. And we know who has been responsible for, at least, $16,000 of it.

Specifically, the streamer from New Zealand known as Quin69 spent $15,997 until he got the first 5-stars gem in loot boxes in the middle of his Twitch stream. He decided to use this gem right away in a 1-star useless object destroying the gem in the process. Following that he deleted his character and uninstalled the videogame.

"Fuck you, Blizzard", he said as he was uninstalling the game in his live stream. "Leave my computer, you don't even deserve to be on it. You can stay, Diablo II Resurrected. You are walking on thin ice, but you can still stay. Diablo Immortal? Get the hell out of here!"

What do you think of his reaction?

Diablo ImmortalDiablo Immortal

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