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Diablo Immortal

Diablo gets first new class in almost a decade next week

But it will only be available in Diablo Immortal.

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There are quite an array of classes available to play in the Diablo series, meaning variety is never really its greatest enemy. But that being said, Blizzard doesn't often launch new classes, in fact the last one we got was the Crusader almost a decade ago. This is all changing next week.

Because on July 13, Diablo Immortal will be getting a new class type, with this known as the Blood Knight. As for how this class shapes up, we're told that it's a mid-range class with hybrid attack options, depending on proximity to the target. The Blood Knight can feed on the life of enemies, entrap them in shadows, and summon cursed strength, and then when the going gets really tough, transform into a dangerous abomination.

You can check out the Blood Knight cinematic trailer below to get a further teaser of the class' origins, and can look forward to hearing more intricate details about it on July 11 when the next content update arrives.

Diablo Immortal

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