Dexter: Original Sin

Dexter prequel series stars already confirmed

Patrick Gibson, Molly Brown and Christian Slater are the first people confirmed for the series that will tell the story of the beginnings of TV's favourite serial killer.

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The Dexter prequel series (Dexter: Original Sin) has its lead actors confirmed. Patrick Gibson (The Tudors), Molly Brown (Evil) and Christian Slater (Interview with the Vampire, Point Blank Love) will be the main cast in the new production that Paramount+ and SkyShowtime will bring to the small screen.

According to Variety, Gibson will play young Dexter Morgan, while Slater will play Harry Morgan, his adoptive father. Young Molly Brown, meanwhile, will be Debra Morgan, his sister played by Jennifer Carpenter in the main series.

The ten-episode first season was first announced last year, and will recount the events that took place 15 years before the original series began, as Dexter begins to understand (and control) his homicidal impulses. According to the synopsis, the new series "follows Dexter (Gibson) as he transitions from student to vengeful serial killer. When his bloodlust can no longer be ignored, Dexter must learn to channel his inner darkness. With the guidance of his father, Harry (Slater), he adopts a code designed to help him find and kill people who deserve to be eliminated from society without coming under the radar of law enforcement. This poses a special challenge for young Dexter when he begins a forensic internship with the Miami Police Department.

At the moment there is no estimated shooting date or release window.

Dexter: Original Sin

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