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Devs get fragging in competitive Quake matches at DICE

Let the games begin.

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This week will see DICE 2017 kick off, and during this event FaceIt will be hosting their second Quakeworld Tournament. The thing here is that they have invited some well-known game developers to compete against each other in a 1v1 fashion.

Matches are played in the main stage of DICE 2017, and it all starts on Wednesday, February 22 (tomorrow), with the winner being announced the next day. This means that you have a chance to see just how good these people really are at game. After all, we're playing the games made by these guys.

The list of players is as follows:

Jeffrey Kaplan - Blizzard
Randy Pitchford - Gearbox
Tim Willits - id Software
Ted Price - Insomniac Games
Sean Dunn - Sparkypants
Feargus Urquhart - Obsidian
Min Kim - Bonfire Studios
Shekhar Dhupelia - Wargaming
Leo Olebe - Facebook
Matt Firor - ZeniMax
David Wood - Bandai Namco
Niccolo Maisto - FaceIt
Sheloman Byrd - Tencent
Kate Edwards - IGDA
Patrick Hudson - Robot Entertainment
Steve Ellmore - Disbelief

You can watch these matches on their Twitch channel. Who are you most looking forward to? Maybe Tim Willits? Or perhaps Randy Pitchford? Leave your comments below.


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