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Devotion studio had "no intent to stage a publicity stunt"

The developer has released a statement on the game, revealing that they will not be re-releasing it in the "near term".

Red Candle Games' horror title Devotion has been causing all sorts of issues this year, as the game was removed from Steam after artwork was found appearing to mock Chinese president Xi Jinping, which then led to the game's Chinese publisher getting its business license revoked.

Following on from all of this controversy, the Taiwanese studio has now issued a public statement about Devotion and the studio as a whole, starting off by talking about the "immeasurable harm" the artwork has caused for themselves and their partners, adding that "we will not stop in our endeavor to prevent the damage from worsening".

We also get the news that the co-founders of the studio have made the "unanimous decision to not re-release 'Devotion' in the near term, although that's not all they had to say on the game and its reception.

"As we reflect on the situation, we notice many players, industry friends, and the media are starting to understand that the incident was indeed a malfunction of project management, not a deliberate act," the statement reads. "If, in the future, the public would be willing to view this game rationally and allow us the opportunity to rebuild trust with our players, Red Candle would reconsider re-releasing 'Devotion'."

The studio goes on to say that they are "inexcusable" for what happened, and that they hope others will be "excused from further criticism".

"We made a critical and unprofessional error during the game's production. It saddens us that the focus of the game has shifted drastically since the erroneous art asset was found. A revision patch was implemented immediately as we have absolutely no intent to stage a publicity stunt."

The developer hopes "for a second chance in the near future" too, "a chance to prove that, both Red Candle and its partner simply wanted to create a great game and no one wished for such an incident to occur".

What do you make of this statement, and the incident itself?

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