Devolver wants to make a Seaman sequel

Fork Parker publicly courts Sega and creator Yutaka "Yoot" Saito.

If you've fond memories of the quirky Dreamcast title, Seaman, then you better hope that the folks over at Devolver Digital are able to realise their ambition and make a sequel for the game.

Over the last few days Devolver's Fork Parker has been flinging questions around Twitter, first asking Sega to "please let us nerds at @DevolverDigital have the license to create a new Seaman game. Pretty please."

That request was then followed up by another message to the game's creator, Yoot Saito, asking whether he still had the rights to the game. Saito responded, encouragingly, by asking whether it'd be for smartphone. Fork Parker in turn suggested "maybe PC and smartphone".

Then there was radio silence for a couple of days until last night the following post appeared on Twitter: "Everybody be cool, I'm trying to make a new Seaman happen on Twitter. Remain calm."

We will attempt to remain calm, but here's hoping that Devolver can strike some kind of deal with whoever owns the rights to the Dreamcast classic and they can get to work on creating a sequel sooner rather than later.


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