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Devolver Digital's E3 showcase - What we expect/ hope to happen

Anything can happen during the indie publisher's E3 spot.

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When it comes to showcases at E3 this year, Devolver Digital's is perhaps the hardest to predict. The indie publisher has a vast catalogue of titles that it has published over the years and this continues to grow at a steady pace. Devolver has confirmed some of the announcements that will be made, but we don't believe this will be all as it has posted a number of teasers on its Twitter account over the past few days.

Devolver Digital's E3 showcase is set to take place on June 12 at 21:30 BST/ 22:30 CEST and we will be co-streaming the conference and offering our thoughts pre and post-show on our GR Live homepage. Below are our predictions, hopes and dreams for the event:

What we expect:

  • Demon Throttle, a physical-only game from Gato Roboto developer Doinksoft, will be there.

  • New games will also be revealed from Galvanic Games (Gurgamoth, Rapture Rejects) and Flying Wild Hog (Hard Reset, Shadow Warrior and Shadow Warrior 2).

  • We will also be receiving release dates for Death's Door and Phantom Abyss.

What we hope for:

  • We could perhaps see more of Terra Nil, a recently revealed city builder that is being published by Devolver.

  • Hotline Miami 3 could be revealed. The publisher recently reposted a tweet from the official Hotline Miami Twitter account that makes reference to the sequel.

  • We could possibly see a teaser for an upcoming season of Fall Guys or a new cross-over just like the Nier one we saw during Summer Game Fest.

  • A console release date for Loop Hero.

  • A teaser image shared by the publisher shows many dinosaur figures displayed on a desk. Perhaps a new prehistoric indie could be revealed?

What we dream to see (but probably won't get):

  • A sequel to the excellent The Messenger.

  • We'd love to see a trailer for the My Friend Pedro TV series that is supposedly in the works.

Devolver Digital's E3 showcase - What we expect/ hope to happen

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