Devolver Digital to host an E3 press conference

Time and date not confirmed.

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Indie publisher Devolver Digital took to Twitter to announce they'll host an E3 press conference this year. Devolver Digital who have been occupying a parking lot adjacent to the LA Convention Center during recent E3 shows will do so once again this year, but apparently, their party tents and trailers will be preceded by a press conference.

There's currently no word on when they'll host said press conference, but the press conference schedule is starting to look a little full. Perhaps they'll squeeze it in between the PC Gaming Show and Ubisoft on Monday, June 11. Or after Ubisoft and prior to Sony? Or after the Nintendo Direct on Tuesday morning. Only Fork knows... for now.

Devolver Digital are best known for publishing games like Hotline Miami, Broforce, Genital Jousting, Shadow Warrior 2, The Talos Principle, and most recently Strafe. Currently, they've got games like Eitr, Serious Sam 4, Ruiner, Minit, Ape Out, and Absolver in the pipeline. So they could certainly put on a rather interesting press conference. Then again, this could all just be Fork Parker pulling our legs, once more.

Devolver Digital to host an E3 press conference

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