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Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry's Switch version is a digital download only

There are "no plans to release a physical edition," according to the site, although we do get a bunch of screens to enjoy.

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Yesterday we reported on Capcom revealing Devil May Cry for Switch this summer, bringing the original adventure to Nintendo's hybrid platform to experience it on the go or at home, although if you were hoping to add it to your physical collection, there's bad news.

The official site for this version of the game reveals that "this product is only available as a download," and that "there are no plans to release a physical edition".

That said, the site does offer various screenshots to get you ready for diving into the game, which sees you play a story that involves Trish arriving at Dante's shop and talking of Mundus. He's the king of the underworld, and was also responsible for the death of Dante's family.

Will you get this game?

Devil May Cry
Devil May CryDevil May CryDevil May Cry
Devil May CryDevil May CryDevil May Cry

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