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Nioh 2

Development is almost complete on Nioh 2

Plenty of new details have been shared on Twitter as well, from stages to characters and much more.

Nioh is getting a sequel this year, and according to a message posted by the Japanese Twitter account for the game (thanks, DualShockers), producer and director Fumihiko Yasuda says that development is nearly complete, so perhaps we won't get a delay (unlike several other games recently).

March 13 marks the release date for the title, and we also find out about another character called Magoichi Saika, leader of the Saika clan. He's related to Shigetome from the first game, and specialises in gunpowder-related weapons. Your hero in the game will infiltrate Ishiyama Hongan-ji, and you'll confront Magoichi.

Two new Yokai have also been introduced by the Twitter page, these being Tesso and Gyuuki, with the Nine-Tails revealed as another Guardian Spirit. You can get this quite early, as opposed to the first game, and the Rocket Punch is coming in as a new Yokai Skill, alongside the Demon Fire skill.

Odani Castle and Ishiyama Hongan-ji were also introduced as stages as well, so we have plenty of new details ahead of the release.

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