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Grand Theft Auto VI

Developers release video from early versions of their games to support Rockstar

This after many users seemingly did not understand how early code was leaked last week.

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The leaked footage after the Rockstar Games hack showing early testing of Grand Theft Auto VI had many gamers worried. It simply didn't look very good.

However, it's worth remembering that an unfinished game, is just an unfinished game and many developers have come to Rockstar's defence by showing what their own titles looked like in the same unfinished state. It all started with one user claiming that the graphics are "the first thing that's finished in a game".

Paul Ehreth of Remedy responded with the following:

This is what A Plague Tale: Requiem looked like in pre-alpha:

An iconic scene from Uncharted 4: A Thief's End looked like this:

Cian Maher reveals what a Thunderjaw looked like in Horizon: Zero Dawn in pre-alpha.

In short, it's way too early to tell if Grand Theft Auto VI looks good or bad, and it's great to see an entire industry standing up for each other like this.

Grand Theft Auto VI

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