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Developer: I played The Medium on Series S but thought I played on Series X

With the game launching in a few days, it seems like Xbox Series S owners won't be disappointed.

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It seems like people getting the horror adventure The Medium for Xbox Series S won't be disappointed when the game launches on Thursday. When VG247 recently got to do an interview with the developers, the producer Jacek Zięba reveals that he actually played it through on Series S but thought is was Series X:

"Yeah, I even played the whole game on Series S like one week ago and I was blown away because I thought I played on Series X. Somebody told me "man, this is Series S." What! Awesome, wonderful. Of course, you know, there will not be 4K because S does not support 4K, and of course it will maybe look different a little to Series X because X is twice as powerful, but the overall experience and fun from the game, it is the same. I own the Series S and I can't wait to play in my home."

The Medium launches on January 28 for PC and Xbox Series S/X. It is also included with Xbox Game Pass from day one.

The Medium

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