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Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human tops the UK charts

State of Decay 2 shuffles into second.

Detroit: Become Human has edged out State of Decay 2 in the battle of the first-party exclusives, with Sony's PS4-only interactive adventure ending up as the best-selling game at UK retailers last week. It's also the tenth PS-exclusive to top the UK charts since the start of last year (can you name the other nine?).

State of Decay 2 debuted in a respectable second place, selling roughly 4,000 copies less than Detroit managed, although it's hard to say how much its inclusion in the Game Pass has eaten into its launch week sales. Who knows what might have happened otherwise...

Elsewhere Dark Souls Remastered also debuted inside the top three, but that's it in terms of new games in the top ten. Space Hulk: Deathwing also launched last week, but was only able to squeeze inside the top twenty (where it debuted at no.19). Check out the GfK Chart-Track top ten below:

1. Detroit: Become Human / Sony
2. State of Decay 2 / Microsoft
3. Dark Souls Remastered / Bandai Namco
4. FIFA 18 / EA
5. God of War / Sony
6. Far Cry 5 / Ubisoft
7. Overwatch (Game of the Year Edition) / Activision
8. Destiny 2 / Activision
9. Fallout 4 / Bethesda
10. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe / Nintendo

Detroit: Become Human
It's another chart-topper for Quantic Dream, although Heavy Rain sold many more copies.

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