Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human Collectors' Edition announced on PC

It will set you back €349.98, however.

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Quantic Dream announced today the launch of Detroit: Become Human's Collectors' Edition on PC, which contains several collectible items and gadgets dedicated to fans. Available in stores at €349.98 (!), this special edition was presented in May during a live stream on Twitch held by the French team and it will be available in just 2,500 units worldwide.

The Collectors' Edition contains a holographic Cyberlife identification card, with a Steam game code on the back, a set of three pins representing the iconic symbols of the game, and an exclusive statue of the android protagonist, Kara.

The statue is 27cm tall and rests on a base illuminated by a circular LED light and equipped with articulated limbs. The box with a triangular base that contains it (420 x 365 x 375 mm) takes you back to the scene of the creation of the android in the CyberLife laboratories. You can find out all the details in the trailer at the opening of this news.

The exclusive Collectors' Edition of Detroit: Become Human for PC is now available, on the official store and in some selected stores, including Amazon and Gamestop.

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Detroit: Become Human

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