Destiny's sidearms will be getting tweaked

More specifically, how much ammo you get after death.

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Bungie has announced that some changes are coming to Destiny's sidearms, following fan response from last week's Hotfix

"Last week we launched Hotfix," Bungie writes, "which contained some impactful changes to the Destiny Sandbox. Since then, Guardians have expressed a renewed fondness for their Primary weapon choices. The Special Ammo economy also saw some major alterations and players are adjusting to a new Crucible where death carries a much higher price. "

"It has been a little over one week since these new changes took effect and we're still monitoring feedback from around the community. One thing we have been hearing a lot of is: "Sidearms... so hot right now." A lot of the feedback around Sidearms has pointed out their unique ability to hoard Special ammo when other weapons are running dry. Senior Designer Josh Hamrick has a few preliminary plans to address this in the future. He also has some ideas for making Memory of Skorri a little less impactful on Trials of Osiris without negating its benefits in PVE."

Hamrick explains the changes that are happening to sidearms, the meta of which "has grown strong. With its innate ability to not only keep ammo through death, but to also actually store it away, Scrooge McDuck style, it's the ultimate gift for anyone who's always running out." They are therefore looking to change Sidearms in a way that allows them to spawn with a small set amount of ammo after death, but doesn't let them stack extra, meaning they'll be useful if you come into trouble travelling to an ammo crate, but you'll need to keep stock high if you want to use it more frequently.

Memory of Skorri was also discussed by Hamrick. "This Artifact has led to some of the greatest dance parties I've ever attended in Destiny. That being said, aside from encouraging these sort of team building events, the artifact itself tends to inspire a more lackadaisical approach to gameplay." They're therefore looking at changes to motivate some activity, and this change right now requires a kill to "jumpstart" Skorri's unique ability for a minute.

Some more changes include potentially adding an additional rocket to the backpack and "bumping Truth to the max Rocket Launcher reload speed," as well as a workaround for making No Land Beyond flinch like a sniper, but this needs more testing. Blink is also getting looked into, as they want to pull back the time players are HUDless a little bit.

Hamrick made clear, however, that these changes are subject to tweaks and potentially can be scrapped before they're released to the players. Do you like sidearms need a nerf?


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