Destiny 2: Lightfall

Destiny 2's Into the Light to bring a wave-based horde mode called Onslaught

It will arrive in April and task a fireteam to survive up to 50 waves of enemy threats.

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Bungie announced recently that in a bid to plug the gap left following Destiny 2: The Final Shape being delayed until the summer that it would be launching a new slate of free-to-access activities for all Guardians to enjoy. Known as Into the Light, this new batch of content will arrive in April and now Bungie has revealed some of what it will offer players.

The meat on the bones seems to be a new game mode called Onslaught. It's effectively a new wave-based horde mode where a fireteam of three Guardians must hold off 10 waves of foes. There will even be a more challenging variant where 50 waves are on offer, with this split into five sets of 10 waves of differing enemy factions. This harder version will be only available to pre-made teams, and will serve as a true endgame challenge.

The idea of Onslaught will be to defend points from attacking foes, and to aid in this effort, you can use gathered and earned scrap to create and develop upgradeable defensive elements such as turrets and tripwires. The catch is that the points you must protect will rotate around the map. Essentially, if you've played Gears of War's Horde mode, you will probably be quite familiar with this setup.

Into the Light is also set to bring some other goodies (including Shaxx being a vendor and offering up some of his arsenal), but we're set to hear more about this as of next week's stream dedicated to Into the Light.

Destiny 2: Lightfall

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