Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Destiny 2 to go free-to-play on Google Stadia

The looter-shooter will be offering its core experience to those even without a Stadia Pro account soon.

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Bungie's premier looter-shooter Destiny 2, is to go free-to-play on Google Stadia starting November 19. The experience of which is set to offer the core Destiny 2 game, will now rival what is offered across other platforms, as users will no longer require a Stadia Pro subscription to access the title.

Those looking to get hands-on with Destiny 2 will only need a base Stadia account, and a stable internet connection to start playing, however to get access to the latest expansion, players will still need to buy it from the storefront.

Likewise, with Destiny 2 leaving Stadia Pro on November 19 in favour of a more open free-to-play experience, anyone looking to pick up the latest expansions can still grab the Stadia Pro version before it leaves shortly.

Will you be trying out Destiny 2 on Stadia?

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

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