Destiny 2

Destiny 2 kicks off Epic's free Holiday mystery games

The marketplace is giving away 17 free titles over the course of its Holiday sale.

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It may feel like only yesterday we were talking about Epic Games' Black Friday sale and the deals you can get along with that, but recently the Holiday sale has kicked off over on the digital marketplace, with plenty of deals to choose from.

As is usually the case with the Epic Games Store, though, the highlight is the free game of the week. Rather than its usual day of Thursday, this week Epic shook things up and gave out its free game yesterday. That game being Destiny 2: Legacy Collection, which comes with the Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen expansions for the shooter.

This lot of DLC for the free-to-play Destiny 2 will remain free until the 20th of December, which is when we'll be seeing another mystery free game drop. From that point onwards, the free games will be releasing every day, right up until the 4th of January.

As well as these giveaways, if you do want to pick up anything on sale, you can do so with an extra 33% off thanks to a limitless coupon that applies to any purchase of $14.99 or above. Even if the deals aren't as immediately impressive on the store's home page, if you add in this extra discount you can pick up Alan Wake 2 for just over £20, for example.

Destiny 2

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