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Destiny 2: Forsaken combat changes detailed

Bungie reveals changes to mods and more.

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Last night Bungie revealed some pretty major changes coming to Destiny 2 when the Forsaken expansion launches next month, and for dedicated players, it'll make for interesting reading.

First up, the overhaul of weapons means ten Masterwork tiers, and while the early tiers are pretty simple to reach, it will cost 27 legendary shards, 10k of glimmer, and 17 Masterwork cores to reach the top tier, at which point players will get to choose between either Crucible or PvE kill tracking, and pay 5k glimmer to open up the weapon for a new mod/perk.

The mod system has also been refined, with mods now getting their own perks, which should make them altogether more interesting. Players will have to dismantle new weapons to get at the mods, but they'll be transferable to new weapons and it sounds like weapon drops will come with a random mod that can then be recycled, which should, in theory, make drops a bit more interesting in the future. Existing mods will apparently be made redundant by the update, but save the ones you've already got because you'll be able to trade them in.

The new weapon slot system should also drop ahead of the expansion next month (on August 28), bringing players greater flexibility in terms of which weapons they place in each of their slots. There are still going to be restrictions in terms of ammunition type, but it sounds like we'll have more options when heading into battle.

Finally, with Bungie looking to increase the lethality of competitive play, supers have been tweaked with the changes applying to all players, not just those who pick up Forsaken in September (although non-Forsaken players obviously won't have access to the new supers coming with the expansion). Two hit melees are back, throwing knives are being buffed, tether is now more reliable, golden gun lasts two seconds longer, and stormcaller does more damage.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is set to land on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 4, and you can read more about it here.

Destiny 2

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