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      Baldur's Gate III

      Despite Larian's attempts to patch it out, the sex speedrun is back in Baldur's Gate III

      Players have simply swapped out one companion for another as the target of their speedy romance.

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      One of the most popular speedrunning categories for Baldur's Gate III was the sex% speedrun. It required you to try and get into bed with one of the companions as quickly as possible and well-known speedrunner Mae managed to get the time down to under two minutes.

      However, the old strategy is no longer viable. It used to be the case that you could romance Lae'zel by simply being a Gith and choosing a couple of simple dialogue options. Now, to romance the frog girl warrior you actually need to impress her a bit first (boring).

      Instead, this means players are going after a different character, Minthara. The Drow paladin can be bedded after one of the main act 1 plot points, which might make you think it takes a while to romance her, but Mae has managed to do it in around four minutes. The tactics require tracking down the sadistic companion at the goblin camp, stealing the druid's idol at the Emerald Grove, and then long resting so Minthara can deal with all the Tiefling refugees inside.

      Mae holds multiple Baldur's Gate III records, so it seems no matter what Larian adds or removes from the game, she's going to keep speedrunning through it all.

      Baldur's Gate III

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