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Endless Dungeon

Despite featuring more action than its predecessor, Endless Dungeon will still be difficult

"One or two turrets in the wrong place can mean the difference between life and death."

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While best known for their 4X strategy games such as Humankind and Endless Space, Amplitude Studios released the quite successful Dungeon of the Endless back in 2014. Now the game is getting a spiritual sequel in the form of Endless Dungeon that also adds action elements to the previous mix of tower defence and roguelite gameplay. During Gamescom game director on Endless Dungeon, Jean-Maxime Moris, told us more about how this changes the formula.

"It's really a game in its own right with more action and playable Day One with a controller as a dual stick. But it retains some elements of Dungeon of the Endless. You get into a level, and you basically have to escort your crystal to the other side of the level," says Jean-Maxime Moris. "You go through the level by opening one door at a time, and each door is an opportunity because it helps you gather resources, such as food to heal yourself, or upgrade your characters, industry to build turrets - and you have to build many turrets otherwise you will die - or science to research more turrets. But it's also a risk because each time you open a door, you might trigger an enemy wave. That's also a departure from Dungeon of the Endless that was very much turn based. We have added real time elements so you're always on your toes because enemies might spawn at any time."


A co-op mode is also included in the game letting you explore the monster infested space stations with your friends. You would think this made the game a bit easier, but in some respects, it adds to the tension, Jean-Maxime Moris explains:

"We have solo and co-op. This is where the game really goes to another level, because all the resources are shared, and every decision is key. One or two turrets in the wrong place can mean the difference between life and death but imagining have to make all these choices with two other people that might have different ideas about how to go about that."

Endless Dungeon is coming to PC and consoles at a currently unannounced date. You can watch our full interview with the developer above.

Endless Dungeon

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