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1666: Amsterdam

Désilets taking Ubisoft to court

Ex-employee wants $400K and control of 1666.

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Patrice Désilets, who recently parted company with Ubisoft for a second time last month, is suing Ubisoft to the tune of $400k and for control of 1666.

The game, which was originally in development at THQ before the publisher's bankruptcy, was snapped up by Désilets former employers earlier this year. In court documents obtained by gameinformer.com, Désilets is asking for recompense to the tune of around $400k (which includes $100k for misrepresenting the facts surrounding his termination from the company - Ubisoft stated he had departed, Désilets asserts that he was unceremoniously escorted from the premises).

The game, which the court documents refer to as 1666: Amsterdam, is also involved in the dispute. Désilets is seeking to exercise the "turnaround right" clause that would allow him the rights over the game in the event of it being cancelled. This agreement was put in place when he signed his agreement with THQ, although Ubisoft will likely argue that this clause is not relevant given events that have since transpired, and given that the game has been put "on hold" rather than outright cancelled.

The filing details the deterioration of the relationship between Désilets and Ubisoft, with the studio allegedly saying that THQ had given him too much creative freedom, and that following a request for a contract revision Désilets was told by a company layer: "Ubisoft can develop and publish 1666 with Patrice Désilets or without him."

1666: Amsterdam

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