Designer jeans with visible 'pee stains' will cost you $800

Watch me turn a $10 pair of jeans into an $800 pair with this simple trick.

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Designer clothes have often felt a bit disconnected from what the rest of us wear. When you look at someone wearing a strange outfit that looks like a bin bag combined with some black tape on a runway, it doesn't exactly inspire you to go out and buy it.

The same can be true for new takes on old items, like these crotch-stained jeans from JordanLuca. First appearing during a Winter show last year, the jeans have been torn apart by people on the internet and you can see why.

In the Instagram post here, you can see the jeans already look like they've been peed in or on, which isn't the best look for when you're going out in public. Whether this is a deliberate choice to create conversation or an accident, it's not exactly helping people want to spend $800.

Designer jeans with visible 'pee stains' will cost you 0
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