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Descenders quadrupled sales after its Xbox Game Pass release

RageSquid's racing game Descenders saw its sales numbers quadruple after it was added to Xbox Game Pass.

The Xbox boss Phil Spencer has previously said that being on Xbox Games actually increases the sales of your games rather than decreasing - which is what many people suspected would happen. But of course, this is information from Microsoft themselves who benefits from this.

So what do independent developers and publishers opinion on this topic? Well, Games Industry had the opportunity to talk to the Descenders creator Mike Rose. And he was very positive about the consequences of being on Xbox Games Pass and says it helped their business in a major way, even if he was sceptical at first:

"Since Descenders came out on Game Pass, the thing I did not realise would happen -- because you'd assume that you put something on Game Pass and sales tank, right? I had assumed that: why would anyone buy the game when they can literally see it on Game Pass?"

Turns out quite a few people wanted to buy the game thanks to Xbox Game Pass, and Rose says:

"Sounded like bullshit, right?. Weirdly, it's true. It surprised me. Being on Game Pass means that you basically have constant featuring on Xbox. You're game is on the dashboard all the time... People are seeing our game every day".

"And because of that, during launch month, our Xbox sales -- we didn't do any discounts on it or anything -- quadrupled, and have now settled to about three times as much as before. It's essentially an advert; a straight-up advert. And now Xbox is asking, 'Oh, can we feature Descenders in more of the Game Pass advertising?' Yes, you can. Of course you fucking can."</em>

Has Xbox Game Pass changed how you plays games in any way?

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