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Descenders is revealed via an energetic trailer

Downhill bike races in RageSquid's new game.

The DH, or DownHill, consists in going down a mountain course as quickly as possible while trying to get a number of figures to excite the public and score points. This very spectacular discipline serves as the base of a game called Descenders, which has just been revealed by the Dutch studio RageSquid.

The game offers you a choice of three teams of descenders, each having a specific style. The first one, the so called "'Enemy" team gathers crazy riders, who will try every trick for the show. The second is "Arboreal". They are those who prefer to do their thing in the natural environment rather than on artificial ramps. And finally the "Kinetic", who are only looking for speed.

We can't tell much from the video about game play or story (if there's any of that). There's no release date other than "soon" and as for platforms it's coming to PC and unspecified consoles. In the meantime, you can enjoy the trailer right here.

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