Denny on PS Vita: Sony Worldwide Studios' focus is now on PS4

Handheld to continue getting support, but focus is firmly on PlayStation 4.

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Michael Denny, vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe, met with us at Gamescom and during our interview we discussed PlayStation Vita, the handheld console that got hardly any love during Sony's press event.

"For us Vita's still the best handheld dedicated gaming device out there. If you want quality handheld gaming, the Vita's for you, and there's a large array of content already out there for it, and more digital content that's coming. I mean Borderlands 2 is still to come to the platform..."

We didn't want to be the ones to break it to him that the game is already out, so we let him continue.

"You marry that with the remote play experience that people can get on PlayStation 4, I think it's really still a great system for people. In terms of the focus of Worldwide Studios, I think you've clearly seen that's going to be more in terms of PlayStation 4 going forward now."

So we asked whether there are going to any big franchises coming to Vita in the future, to which Denny replied:

"So, as you said, there'll be cross-play titles, there'll be titles that are going cross-platform as well. There's some big third-party titles still coming, and there's lots of great, innovative new indie titles coming digitally to the platform."

The full interview will be appearing on Gamereactor in the coming days, so stay tuned for that.

Denny on PS Vita: Sony Worldwide Studios' focus is now on PS4

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