Dennis Fong on being second ESL Hall of Fame inductee

He's not bitter about it.

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Dennis Fong, known by many by his player name Thresh from when he played Doom and Quake in the '90s, was announced as the second ESL Hall of Fame inductee in July, and Fong himself recently spoke in an interview about being the second person inducted.

"As it was explained to me, there happened to be a big Counter-Strike major happening so they decided to induct a Counter-Strike player first and just... just more, yeah, I don't know, timely. You know, this being QuakeCon and that was kind of my history as a Quake player, it seemed to make sense. But I have heard from people that said 'we're really surprised you're not the first', but whatever".

Despite being regarded by many as the first professional gamer, it seems Fong isn't too bothered about being the second inductee then, and won't be losing sleep about it any time soon. As he said himself, "it's not a competition to be in the Hall of Fame".

Dennis Fong on being second ESL Hall of Fame inductee

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