Dune: Part Two

Denis Villeneuve isn't happy Dune: Part Two is still the highest-grossing movie of the year

"I hope soon that there will be other successes at the box office."

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When you've got the most successful movie in a given year, it seems pretty odd to wish for someone to take that crown from you. But, that's exactly what Dune: Part Two director Denis Villeneuve wants, as he explained recently he's not happy his movie is still sitting at the top of the charts.

Speaking with Yahoo! Villeneuve hopes for a better summer in terms of box office performance. "I think we need movies that are theatrical experiences, that will fully embrace the power of the theatre, and I'm not just talking about Dune 2. Of course I'm talking about many movies. A movie like Civil War, for instance, is a strong example of a movie that absolutely used the power of the theatre," he said.

"I was lucky that Part 2 did reach the audience, I wish it would happen more often, honestly...I'm disappointed to still be number one. ... I hope soon that there will be other successes at the box office. I hope, sooner or later, that this summer box office will be much better."

In 2024, we have seen major movies either fail to capture box office gold or settle for some middling profits. Whether they've got a big star like Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy, or they're returning to a big franchise like Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, it seems big-budget blockbusters are struggling.

Dune: Part Two

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